Alex Takats

Documentary Filmmaker

Left: “I’ve got to make a meatloaf.”
Right: “Yeah.”
"They said it’s going to rain tomorrow…"
"Yeah, what else is new?"
"Haha. At least we don’t have snow."
"Another two weeks is passover…"
"Yeah, what do you have this Sunday, Palm Sunday?"
"Where are you going?"
"I don’t know if I have a ride… my niece lives in New Haven. She was, uh, in London, and Amsterdam, and Hungary, in uh Budapest."
"It’s only uh, what do you call it, a plane ride."
"Brazil, France, and Prague, where else do you want to go?"
"They’re young, they have the money…"
"And when she was in Amsterdam she lost her phone."
"Sometimes it’s an accident."
"In Italy, they had real Italian food. Delicious, they had lasagna which was different from here… and the gelato. She sent pictures while she was visiting."
New York, NY
Transcription is tedious; but, it’s necessary and when you’re done it’s fascinating to re-read verbatim how people communicate.

Working on my film on HP workstations at 2014 Sundance

Park City, Utah

June 2013
Ankara, TR

"Makers," for PBS
Washington, DC

New York, NY
Harvard Square, MA
Washington Heights, NY
Late Night
New York, NY

Shooting the Immigration Rally
Brooklyn, NY